Hi, I am diana manasii

remember it all

Every photographer has his own niche. I guess I have mine, too. But each couple is different. Each wedding is unique. That's why I like to belive that my niche is finding that uniqueness of yours. So I'm not gonna make it all about me and my own personal style, imposed by using some sets of color presets and routine shoots. If you're elegant and bright, that's what I'm gonna show the world. If you're moody and relaxed, exactly this is what you gonna get. I'm not saying that my personal experience, won't influence at all the final look, but I definitely say that, whatever I do for you, it's going to be...just for you, and only you will have that look. So, you can rest assured, that I'll do my best to surprise you pleasantly.

Also I tend to be featherlike all day long. I do not wish to intrude or to coordonate your day too much, unless you ask me too. I'm not gonna use tons of equipment or lots of artificial lights, to disturb your guests. I will try to preserve as much as possibile the ambiental look, just as you choosed it to be, beliving that there is a reason why you choose a certain church or a certain venue. You probably like their colors, their lights, their looks. So, you can call myself an ambiental and sun light lover and I got the proper equipment to achive the best results.

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Remeber it all

We will make you remeber it all, exactly as it was.

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